Is H2S destroying your equipment?

Eliminate the sulfur problem with a biological scrubber!

A biological scrubber from Energy Cube has many advantages, including:

* Quick startup
* Low operating cost
* Reduced environmental impact
* Adds years of life to your equipment
* Remote control and monitoring capabilities

We also offer biogas handling and processing equipment

  • Gas Flares
  • Blower Systems
  • Gas conditioning and moisture removal
  • Gas Analyzers

Gas Scrubbers

Our biological scrubbers require minimal ongoing cost and maintenance. We can also supply other types of scrubbers, including iron sponge types.

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Gas Flares

Our dependable gas flares feature industry standard safety features and VFD controlled integrated blowers.

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Gas Analyzers

We also supply gas analyzers capable of measuring CO2, CH4, O2, and H2S.

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