Gas Flare

Gas Flares by Energy Cube

Energy Cube manufactures candlestick flares, which use a high-temperature oxidation process to burn combustible components, mostly hydrocarbon, of waste gases from industrial operations. In combustion, gaseous hydrocarbons react with atmospheric oxygen to form carbon dioxide and water.

Flares are often used at chemical plants and petroleum refineries as a control device for regulated vent streams as well as to handle non-routine emissions. Flares are also used for burning waste gases generated by sewage digesters and landfills.

The typical flare system consists of:

(1) a gas collection header and piping for collecting gases from processing units
(2) a knockout drum (disentrainment drum) to remove and store condensables and entrained liquids
(3) flame arresotor to prevent flash-back
(4) a single- or multiple-burner unit and a flare stack
(5) gas pilots and an ignitor to ignite the mixture of waste gas and air

An external water trap device allows for continuous disposal of condensate water. ---When the gas reaches the top of the stack the igniter is turned on. The ignitor generates sparks across an electrode consisting of a positive and negative electrode, which reaches into the gas stream. If everything is working correctly, the sparks ignite the gas and the flare burns.

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