Gas Biological Scrubber

Gas Scrubbers

Our biological scrubbers require minimal ongoing cost and maintenance. We can also supply other types of scrubbers, including iron sponge types.

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Gas Flares

Our dependable gas flares feature industry standard safety features and VFD controlled integrated blowers.

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Gas Analyzers

We also supply gas analyzers capable of measuring CO2, CH4, O2, and H2S.

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Energy Cube Biological Scrubber & Gas Handling Equipment

Energy Cube designs and builds biological H2S scrubbers to supply clean gas to combustion processes such as reciprocating engines, boilers, and flares. The system performs using a specific strain of thiobacillus bacteria to remove hydrogen sulfide by conversion to sulfur acid and elemental sulfur. Every biological system has online monitoring capability. With the purchase of nutrients, Energy Cube includes a monitoring service as part of our commitment to the support and performance of every system sold.

Eliminate sulfer destroyed equipment.

Is H2S destroying your equipment?

A biological scrubber from Energy Cube has many advantages, including:

  • Quick startup
  • Low operating cost
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Adds years of life to your equipment
  • Remote control and monitoring capabilities

The H2S Effects

When using biogas as a fuel for internal combustion engines, the H2S must be significantly reduced, otherwise it results in corrosion throughout the engine. Sulfur dioxide forms during combustion, corroding the combustion chamber and exhaust system. This sulfur dioxide is absorbed into the oil, causing it to become acidic and lose its ability to lubricate.

The H2S Problem

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) is the most corrosive of several trace gases present in biogas. While gas quality varies greatly depending on the source of the gas supply, H2S levels in excess of 1000 ppm or not uncommon. Without the removal of H2S, production efficiency is reduced and repair costs are greatly increased.